Film: System Change Not Climate Change

The greatest challenges of our time is to end unjust distribution in the world and to fight climate change.
What is stopping us? And what can YOU do to make a difference? Norsk versjon.

What can I do?

Here are some concrete alternatives:

Sign Attac Norway’s petition to stop companies from being able to sue states for environmental legislation (in norwegian): Sign here.

Spread the information! Show this film for your groups, seminars, events or meetings. Send us an email if you would like a high-definition version, or use the Norwegian discussion guide which has been developed on the film.

Do you live in Oslo? Come to the demonstration against the new free trade agreements for services on 10. October: Read more on Facebook.

The voices in the film

Norway Social Forum, in cooperation with Differ Media, has made a short informational film where we aim to put the current climate crisis in a larger international perspective. We hope to bring forward the economic aspects of the climate challenge that we face.

The interviews were taken during the World Social Forum in Tunisia at the end of March 2015. The World Social Forum is a gathering place for activists and organizations from around the world. This was a perfect opportunity to bring together the voices of a broad group of experts Among those interviewed is Elizabeth Mpofu, international coordinator of La Via Campesina, and Pablo Solón, leader in Focus on the Global South. Solón is previously the ambassador from Bolivia to the UN, and earlier leader of Bolivias participation in the climate negotiations. The voices in the film represent five continents. Among others, Richard Girard from Polaris Institute and Global Campaign to Dismantle Corporate Power, Marjorie Pamintuan from Asia-Pacific Research Network (APRN), Lucile Falgueyrac from Attac France and Aitec, Pascoe Sabido from Corporate Europe Observatory, and Nina Skranefjell from Norway Social Forum.

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For more information, see these links (in Norwegian)

Get involved

Norway Social Forum consists of over 50 organizations that work together for climate solutions and international justice.
Here are some you can get involved in.

Check out the rest of our member organizations here (in Norwegian).