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Event information:

Save the date, 27-30 October, for Norway’s largest political workshop!

The Globalisation Conference is a place to workshop, meet, and learn, for all those who seek a more just and democratic world in which people, society, and the environment take precedence over financial gain. The theme of the conference is “Without Borders: Conflict, Economy, and Environment.”

The world is defined by borders: some physical, some territorial, and others mental. Nature has its borders of seas, forests, and mountains. Humans have created their own limits: for many people around the world, these borders and barriers are the difference between life and death, hunger and wealth, and freedom and oppression. The Globalisation Conference is for those who believe that another world is possible.

From 27-30 October around 2,000 students, academics and activists from social movements, trade unions, and civil society, will gather for four days of over 70 seminars, debates, and workshops. There will also be film screenings, concerts, book presentations, exhibitions, and a daycare available with cultural activities.

The program will be continuously updated on  Daypasses, to attend the conference for a particular day, are now available!

The Globalisation Conference is organised every two years by the Norwegian social forum and is a nexus for the socially and politically involved.