Seminar: Non-violent Resistance and People Power

Welcome to a three-part course on Civil Resistance and Non-violent Resistance at the Globalization Conference. The course facilitators will lead a group of max. 25 participants through theory and practice behind non-violent resistance and "people power", with focus on power analyses, change factors, strategy, tactics, and methodology.

Fridag, 28.october: 

Open seminar which will give an introduction of civil resistance and non-violence, with examples and voices from the South who are directly involved in campaigns. More info>>

Saturday, 29. october:

Closed full-day course with a more practical focus on power analysis, change factors, strategy, tactics and methodology.  Max 25 participants, registration required (see below)!   More info>>

Sunday, 30. october:  

Open half-day workshop where those interested in developing their own campaigns can receive practical advice and help from the course facilitators! Come on in when you have time! More info>>

N.B. Course will primarily take place in English.

Limited room on Saturday - registration required by 17:00 on FRIDAY, October 28th.

Read more about Non-violent Resistance in the Conference Newspaper.