About the Globalisation Conference

Globalisation Conference 2018

October 12-14th, 2018 (N.b.:  this is a change of dates from an earlier announcement)

Oslo, Norway

About the Globalisation Conference

The Globalisation Conference is the main program of NSF, and is the largest political workshop of civil organisations, labour unions and political parties in Norway. The conference is organised every other year in Oslo, and serves as a meeting place and forum for activists, trade unionists and other engaged in the communities in Norway to collaborate and work for a world where people, society and the environment are understood as more important than economic gain. The conference consists of plenaries, seminars, workshops, debates, cultural events and lectures that are organised with speakers from both Norway and abroad. Approximately 1500 persons participate at each conference, and the conference is organized mainly on a volunteer basis.  

Globalisation Conference 2018

The theme for the 2018 Globalisation Conference is “Makt” in Norwegian, or “Power” in English.  A more comprehensive description of the theme will be presented in English soon.   


A majority of the conference will take place in the Norwegian language, and is directed towards a primarily Norwegian audience, but there also tends to be a good number of English events and workshops available during the conference.   The conference provides some limited interpretation between Norwegian and English as well.  

International participants are welcome to participate in the conference, but will primarily need to arrange their own travel and logistic plans.   The exception to this is international guests invited specifically by NSF, where NSF will assist in the practical and logistical details.


The Globalisation Conference will take place jointly at the DOGA Center (Design and Architecture Norway), Hausmanns gate 16, and at Kulturkirken Jakob (Jakob's Culture Church).


The program is currently under development, and invitations are being sent to national and international participants. The program is expected to be launched in its whole in June 2018.  Since much of the program is self-organized by various organizations and networks, the form for sending in workshops for consideration can be found here (in Norwegian): http://globalisering.no/globko...

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