Globalization Conference
4.-6. SEPTEMBER 2020

Venue:  DOGA and Jakob’s Culture Church, Oslo


Globalisation Conference

Update on the 2020 Norwegian Social Forum, in response to the global COVID-19 outbreak

March 23rd, 2020

The Norwegian Social Forum continues the work related to the 2020 Forum / Globalization Conference (4-6 September 2020), as far as it has been possible during these dramatic and tragic times. As of today, there is no indication that we will not be able to hold the Forum this fall.  At the same time, we follow the advice given from the authorities when it relates to large gatherings and travel, especially in terms of protecting the most vulnerable in our societies.

The crisis that the world now faces shows, to an even greater extent, the need to lift up issues and alternatives that our members have been working for for many years. It is more important now than ever that we focus on the new that needs to be built. The world may look different when the crisis is over, and the Norwegian Social Forum and its partners aim to contribute to building a better world based on solidarity.

It is with this backdrop that we encourage everyone to continue planning the meetings that have been sent in. We believe the Forum can be a kind of «incubator» for the important solutions and alternatives that our planet needs right now.

NSF will, of course, emphasize flexibility going forward, since we know that it is not possible to confirm speakers and other logistical measures now. And there is a lot that is still very unpredictable going forward.   But we will continue to work ahead the best we can.

More details to come.

The struggle for a more just world continues in these strange and tragic times.  Another world is possible!

About NSF

The Norwegian Social Forum is an alliance of 70 organisations and networks struggling against the neo-liberal agenda, for a more democratic and just world where people, society and the environment are put over economical gain.

The Norwegian Social Forum (NSF) is the Norwegian branch of the World Social Forum. The NSF consist of a board responsible for organising the activities of the forum (elected each year at the NSF’s annual meeting) along with the 70 organisations associated with the alliance. Our biggest event is the biannual «Globalisation Conference».

The Globalisation Conference is held every second year in Oslo, and is the Norwegian equivalent of the World Social Forum.

About the Globalisation Conference (Forum)

The Globalisation Conference is the main program of NSF, and is one of the largest political workshop of civil organisations, labour unions and political parties in Norway.

The conference/forum is organised every other year in Oslo, and serves as a meeting place and forum for activists, trade unionists and other engaged in the communities in Norway to collaborate and work for a world where people, society and the environment are understood as more important than economic gain. The conference consists of plenaries, seminars, workshops, debates, cultural events and lectures that are organised with speakers from both Norway and abroad.

The conference/forum is organized on a mainly volunteer basis.

The theme of the 2020 forum is «From Crisis to Struggle,» with focus on peoples’ mobilization for change.   More information about the program will be published in May 2020.

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