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november, 2021

fre19nov14:00fre15:00Students by day, rebels at night?14:00 - 15:00 Mezzaninen Arrangør/organisasjon: SAIH Språk:English


Students play a vital role as human rights defenders with their relentless activism. Fighting for freedom of speech, freedom of assembly and free elections in contexts where others do not dare take to the streets, students take great personal risks for the benefit of the whole society. How can we better ensure that student activist are better protected so that they can continue their activism?


(Fredag) 14:00 - 15:00



Hausmanns gate 16




Renee Karunungan (Doctoral Researcher at Loughborough University), Hector Ulloa (President SAIH), Sebastian Berger (Global Student Forum - Ministry of Foreign Affairs), Sunniva Whittaker (Rector UIA)

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There is an alarming oppression of student activist movements all over the world. Students can be sanctioned and oppressed by state authorities for simply raising their voice, demanding their rights or even just for wearing a t-shirt. What we are seeing is a criminalisation of student activism. SAIH launched a report on this topic in March 2021, in order to raise awereness on the situation and to call for solidarity with student movement across the world, and to demand protection from states and the international community. We wish to invite the report writers Chris Millora and Renee Karunungang to the panel, as well as our partners ACEU from Colombia and Zinasu from Zimbabwe.