The Norwegian Social Forum

The Norwegian Social Forum is part of a broad international movement working for a just world and against the neoliberal economy and politics that dominate the world today.

The Norwegian Social Forum (NSF) is an offshoot of the Norwegian Committee for the World Social Forum. The NSF is thus based on the Charter of the World Social Forum (see Charter here).

Each other year, NSF organises the Globalisation Conference. The Globalisation Conference is a meeting place and a forum for collaboration for activists, trade unionists and others engaged in the communities in Norway working for a world where concern for people, society and the environment is more important than economic profit. The conference is held every two years and during the four days of the conference a number of large meetings, seminars, workshops, debates and lectures are organised with speakers from both home and abroad. In addition, the conference offers exciting cultural events such as culture kindergarten, concerts, movies and book presentations.

The conference is supported by the 70 organisations that have joined the platform of the NSF, along with a number of other promoters. The general assembly of the conference elects a board that is responsible for the implementation of the Globalisation Conference.

The 2018 Conference will be held in Oslo from 12-14 October 2018, with the theme "Power" - "Makt".