–Search me, I’m a terrorist (Demo)

Search me,
Search me I’m an arab I’m a walking bomb

Av: Walaa Sbait, fra Iqrit, Galilea-Palestina.


Search me,
Search me I’m an arab I’m a walking bomb
Straight up from the land of Maryer-Dom
Check-out every airport check-out every check-point
Search me I’m an arab
I’m a walking bomb.
And I’m walking and I’m walking
Walking with no stopping
In my palm a branch of an olive tree
And on my other shoulder holding my coffin
And I’m walking and I’m walking
I’m a bomb that will never stop tik-tak-tik-tak-tikin talkin
So stop me search me I’m an arab.

Yeah I’m a terrorist,
But no explosive belt around my waist
No bomb under my arm
No RPG over my shoulder
I’m just a 21st century terrorist
In the army of consciousness I’m a soldier
Yeah I’m a terrorist but I’m one of those that you’ll never expect
I’m one of those whom out of your mind you will never get
I’m one of those whom will culturally electrically shock you
Where you’ll go: daaaaammmmnn his human, oh shit!
And it will stick there it will stick,
The image of humanity in the pain of that terrorist
In your mind it will stick

A human friendly terrorist?! Wow that image I’ll never forget!

Yeah I’m a terrorist,
But no riffle on my back
No explosives in my bag
No TNT in my pants
I just need one single shot of chance,
With that one single shot,
I’ll shoot you a bullet of poetry
I’ll assassinate you with a monologue
I’ll suicide bomb you with a freestyle movement dance
Torture you with the rhythm of my peace drums
And demolish your house with a song out of my folk

Yeah I’m a terrorist
But I’m a one of a different kind
Many of me you will find,
Hope I’m not terrorizing you
Ain’t that my try?
Maybe you were shocked from the humanity between me and you
And realized that you’ve been milking lies from heaven skies
Come drink with me some of my Arabic coffee,
Ain’t that a kidnap attempt?
Come chill with me under my tent,
And then
Search me.

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